In order for students to benefit from an interdisciplinary STEM approach, teachers first need to grasp the concept, with all its possibilities and complex facets, so that they can be put into practice and shared with their students. When applied properly, the curriculum integrating process of a STEM approach can make a big difference in how students see the world – and solve problems. The goal of SEADSTEM is to effectively promote this approach in the ASEAN region.


Trainings take place in each country led by facilitators, to disseminate successful integrative STEM teaching approaches and introduce the platform. Workshops are held several times a year in each country with teachers who have themselves participated in SEADSTEM workshops and have volunteered to be peer-facilitators for their country.

Please check our News & Events page for information on the next workshop near you. SEADSTEM workshops are free-of-charge, but registration is required and limited.


The workshops have the following key objectives

  • To provide awareness about the importance of STEM education;
  • To compare conventional teaching approaches to STEM teaching;
  • To identify the challenges faced by teachers when implementing STEM education;
  • To develop approaches to implement STEM education effectively;
  • To introduce the online SEADSTEM platform and to give time to self-explore the website and its content;
  • To conduct some example activities from the resource materials; and
  • To encourage and develop potential future resources for the SEADSTEM platform.