Make a Healthy Snack & Package It

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Earth Science
Climate Change Ecosystems Sustainability
Time for activity
45–60 minutes

This activity will look at making a simple healthy snack and how local
produce helps our economy. It will also give children an insight into the
importance of bio-degradable packaging, which can be composted and why
it plays an essential part of protecting our planet.

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Sustainable Development Goals


The food we eat plays a major role in maintaining good health, protecting us from diseases and for our overall well-being.

Food brings people and communities together. Every region has their own local produce which has to be valued and celebrated. This is of great importance since it creates vital economic opportunities as well as helps to reduce the environmental impact. It strengthens communities, sustains local jobs and boosts the farmers’ income.

The food industry and the packaging industry go hand in hand. Responsible, environmentally effi cient packaging has gained a lot of importance in recent times. This is crucial in addressing the ever increasing plastic waste problem on our planet.

Key Objectives
  • Children will understand the importance of nutrition by cooking a fi reless healthy snack.
  • Children will take look at packaging options and understand the importance of eco- friendly packaging.
  • Through a hands-on experiment and observation, the children will understand the difference in decomposition time between eco-friendly packaging and plastic packaging.
  • The children will be able to appreciate locally available ingredients and understand the concept of food miles.
Guiding Questions
  1. What is nutrition and why is it important?
  2. What kind of food do you like? Regional or international cuisine?
  3. How can our local shops/ farmers’ market help our country grow?


Yoshida Menon, Preveena Nandakumar